Saturday, March 28, 2009

Produce at B and H

If you want to see what produce is available when, perhaps because you want to visit me at a time when there are strawberries, go here:

It has a list of all the produce we're growing and when it is in season!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've created this blog for the purpose of keeping people updated on my farming adventures.

As a recap, after many months of agonizing and researching I've finally decided on a farm! They are B&H organic produce, and this is their website:  I am very excited for the summer of learning and hard work that is to come!  I'm moving in to the intern cottage on April 6th.  A little less than two weeks to go!

On the farm there will be: me, Erica who is running things generally, another intern named Sam, Paul who owns the farm, a family of four-I think (friends of Paul's), Erica's veteran farming friend Laura, and other occasional visitors/helpers, possibly including you!  I have met Paul and Erica, but have yet to lay eyes upon the rest.  Sam will be arriving in late April, and Laura will be working part time for a good portion of the season.  I will be staying all the way until November!

I took this photograph when I visited.  It sure is pretty!